Crowding out the bad

It’s a theory popular in diet literature, the idea that if you stuff yourself full of green vegies and healthy meats you won’t have stomach room left for junk food, or if you do, you’ll have comparatively less room and so do less damage.

Or something like that.

I wonder though if the same theory can’t be applied to bad days.

bad day

It’s funny isn’t it, how you can sense a bad day coming?

It starts innoculously enough, a delayed train, a ladder in your new stockings, a rude person pushing past you on the street. But it gets under your skin and knocks you down just a bit before the day has really got up on its feet. Then things don’t go to plan at work, you skip the gym (again), spend too much time on Buzzfeed (again) and someone says something carelessly offensive and all of a sudden it’s A BAD DAY.

Usually when this happens, I embrace it, write it off, enjoy the excuse to eat a whole sleeve of pringles and three glasses of red.

I’ve always been a realist (according to me, others might say ‘pessimist’, or if they’re being kind, ‘fatalist’), so acceptance of bad days always seemed the logical way forward.

But what if it didn’t have to be so absolute? What if for every shitty thing, I could balance it with a not-so-shitty thing? The inconvenience of having to rush to the supermarket for new stockings offset by a comforting chai tea?  The sting of an insult received repaid with a compliment given. The torture of words unspoken remedied with openness and honesty elsewhere. A difficult conversation followed by a laugh with good friends. The frustration of not being heard countered by the writing of a blog post.

When all’s said and done today won’t go down in the annals as a day to remember, but it won’t be the first I’d forget, either. And on a day like this one, I’m happy enough with that.

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3 thoughts on “Crowding out the bad

  1. I suggest you a friend Time to have a good day. What do you think of inviting me to a running along the Seine, and to relax after in a hammam ? It´s been so long I did not run in Paris! Xoxo

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