Paris Beckons…

Leaving Sydney

My last post was about the things I’ll miss from Australia, so it seemed only fitting, on the eve of our departure, to write  about the things I’m looking forward to in France:

1. Living more simply:
Our Melbourne apartment had two, huge, double doored wardrobes (one each) and it still wasn’t enough space for all our clothes. Our Paris apartment has one, half-wardrobe and two drawers. Far from being dismayed at this, frankly I’m excited. I’ve long wished to be the sort of girl who has one party dress, a timeless black skirt, a crisp white shirt and six pairs of shoes (thongs, ballet flats, runners, boots and two pairs of heels). And whilst I’m certainly not there yet (as the baggage handlers at Kingsford-Smith will no doubt attest), I feel this particular dream is closer than ever before.

Small Closet

2. Pursuing more creative projects:

For me, Paris represents opportunity, a chance for a new start. Whilst in Australia, the difference in income between working a casual job and working full time is huge. In Paris, I can work 20 casual hours a week and earn the same as a full time job, which makes it much easier to justify putting aside time (maybe even an entire day a week!) to use for writing novels, pitching articles, researching travel guides and starting my new tour business.

3. Being more social:
It is perfectly acceptable to go out for drinks on a Tuesday night in Paris, and Sunday evenings seem to take on a whole new dimension in the French capital. With such small apartments we all constantly live outdoors, the cafes, bars and restaurants becoming our second homes.

Cafe Paris

4. Markets, Monoprix and more:
The mere thought of the Boulevard Raspail market is reason enough for me to move to Paris. Then, there is Monoprix. I’ve always enjoyed an unusually high level of fascination with grocery stores, but Monoprix is really something else. Which is why, as soon as we drop our bags at the apartment on Wednesday, we will be heading to the giant store on the Avenue de l’Opera so I can get my fix (and, to buy groceries, but that is really secondary).

5. Enjoying nature:
It seems an oxymoron, that I would go to Paris to enjoy nature, but despite the prolific greenness of my island home, the fact remains that I spend more time barefoot on grass in the City of Light than I ever have done in Oz.

Parc Monceau

The next post will be coming to you from Paris itself. Let the next adventure begin!

Plane image courtesy of Dave Griffiths on Flickr.
Closet image courtesy of litlnemo on Flickr.
Cafe image courtesy of zoetnet on Flickr.
Parc monceau image courtesy of alainlm on Flickr.


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