Homesick for Australia


It’s two weeks to the day until we leave sunny Sydney for Paris, and though I should feel excited, I’m actually a little blue.

On Sunday morning I woke up with a sore throat and a sniffly nose, which has made ten-hour days teaching English somewhat of a challenge. But amongst the more common flu symptoms of fever, aches and chills, I’ve been struck by an unexpected bout of homesickness.

Except of course, we haven’t actually left yet.

This pre-emptive nostalgia began on the weekend when I spied the row of Tip Top English Muffins on sale at Woolies, and continued through to Monday morning when I caught myself gazing fondly at a flock of cockatoos.


And so, I have made it my mission for the next two weeks (you know, along with packing and finding a job) to stock up on Aussie experiences that I know I’ll miss all too soon.

Which largely boils down to spreading vegemite on every conceivable surface, eating mum’s spaghetti and meatballs and cajoling my nana into making her famous (circa 1980) meatloaf.

And I’m not even sure I like meatloaf.

I’m lucky that my work takes me across the Harbour Bridge and back every day and my lunch hours can be spent basking in the winter sun alongside Darling Harbour. But whilst this view is my favourite in the world, it isn’t what I’ll miss the most.

Sydney Harbour

But yum cha Sundays, Thai red curries, good sushi on every corner and once a year, eating ANZAC biscuits til my tummy hurts – that’s what melancholy is made of.

Sure, Paris holds it’s own in the food stakes, and it’s hard to long for a lamington when macarons are an offer, or to want for Helga’s country grain bread when there are award-winning baguettes every five paces.


But for all their salted-caramel goodness, there is one thing, for which the French have no equivalent.

Cadbury Caramello Koalas.

Caramello Koala

Which is why, I will be sacrificing a kilogram of shoe-and-little-black-dress space to take them with me. Would-be visitors, take note.


Vegemite image courtesy of Vintuitive on Flickr.
Cockatoo image courtesy of rggoldie on Flickr.
Sydney Harbour image courtesy of Mal Booth on Flickr.
Macaron image courtesy of julien haler on Flickr.
Caramello Koala image courtesy of Simon Clayson on Flickr.


2 thoughts on “Homesick for Australia

  1. love this one 🙂 easy to miss the every day things we take for granted. The best thing about calling this place home is that you can be back as soon as you’re ready! I hope to see you go Paris in the next couple years & will happily bring large koala supplies!

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