Paris for Tea Lovers

I love tea. And not just a little bit. This is a full blown infatuation.

I love all kinds of tea. Black tea, flavoured tea, herbal tea. Tea with milk, tea without. In a mug, in a cup. In the morning, in the afternoon, before bed.

Tea cup

I love that there is a type of tea for every occasion. Tea for calming you down, tea for waking you up, tea to aid digestion, tea to fight off colds. Tea just because.

I’m not particularly brand loyal, switching from Lipton to Twinings to Bushells without hesitation. Though T2 teas are my favourite for loose leaf varieties, as much due to the tea itself as to the funky black and orange store décor.

I’m used to being out of place – living in Melbourne and NOT drinking coffee puts me firmly in a minority group.

Mariage Freres

And, as a tea-lover living in France, I expected a similar response. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that quali-tea was as ubiquitous in the cafes and bistros as espresso. Boutique Mariage Frères became my paradise of sorts, and every time I return to France or someone visits Australia I request a box of Lipton white tea with rose, available in French supermarkets everywhere, but strangely not in Australia.

Mosquee de Paris

But my all time favourite French tea experience would have to be that offered by La Mosquée de Paris. The blue and white mosaic tiled courtyard is the perfect setting for a pot of teeth-achingly sweet mint tea, Moroccan style. There’s nowhere I’d rather be on a grey, drizzly and humid October afternoon, than it that courtyard, glass of steaming tea in hand, watching the rain drip around me and breathing in the sweet fumes of shisha that abound.

What is your favourite tea experience?

Tea lover image courtesy of JacciR on Flickr.
Mariage Frères image courtesy of StaneStane on Flickr.
Mosquée de Paris tea image courtesy of P Donovan on Flickr.


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