Apartment Hunting in the French Capital

Over the Christmas break I got to partake in one of my all-time favourite activities – researching apartments in Paris.

Chandelier Apartment

Sadly no, a move to Paris isn’t on the cards for us right now, but we are planning a flying visit this July. The Official Trip Purpose is for the Wedding 2.0, a chance for many of Max’s relatives and our friends who cannot come to Australia for Part One to celebrate with us. But before that, we have a week in Paris with my family.

This time, thankfully, our trip falls in the middle of European summer, which not only means gloriously long daylight hours, but a chance to participate in the much-anticipated soldes d’été.


The last time my family came to Paris they rented a beautiful two bedroom apartment in the rather fancy-schmancy 1st arrondissement. Literally metres from the Louvre, the entrance to the apartment was wedged between a chic passage couvert and a Christian Louboutin boutique. Despite having an apartment apiece at that point, Max and I found ourselves tempted night after night to camp out on the luxurious sofa bed and pretend that this was, in fact, where we lived.


This time around though, I stumbled across a gorgeous three bedroom apartment in the slightly more down to earth 2nd arrondissement, close to the bustling Japanese quarter and close enough to the Opéra to feel very special indeed. There’s nothing I love more than discovering a new arrondissement from the inside out, and I can’t wait to see what delights the 2nd holds for us.

Where do you like to stay when you visit Paris?

Apartment with chandelier image courtesy of fromtherightbank on Flickr.
Soldes image courtesy of Ma Gali on Flickr.
Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau image courtesy of Phil Beard on Flickr.


4 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting in the French Capital

  1. Ooooooh – you are making me so envious! I’ve had to concede that I won’t be going back to Paris this year *sniffle* so I’ll just have to live vicariously through you 🙂 I’ve stayed as far out as the 15th arrondissement, but my most recent trip, I stayed in the 1st just off the Rue de Rivoli, across the road from the Tuileries Garden. Very convenient location, but very busy and a bit noisy during July/August. My BF’s parents owned an apartment in the Marais, but recently sold that which is a shame because it would’ve been handy to have free accommodation considering it’s one of the priciest expenses of an OS trip. So, next trip, I’d probably move over a couple of arrondissements – I think I’d be happy with anything in the first seven.

  2. Thanks for your comment cookingchook! I shall take many photos and post lots of details about my trip for you 🙂 I haven’t spent much time in the 15th, though my all time favourite Paris restaurant is ‘Afaria’ right by metro Convention. My first apartment in Paris on my first visit was in the 6th, and I adored it, though I’ve always lived on the right bank (in the 18th and 9th). The Marais absolutely fascinates me – I just always fear I might not be quite cool enough for it 🙂 What a shame about your BF’s parents apartment! I’d love to own a pied-a-terre in Paris – one day!

    • Of course you ARE enough cool for the marais!
      I suggest to come with you at the soldes d’été before the wedding 2.0! 🙂 we shall be connected to be cool enough for your wedding?
      I did not forget, I have to write you an email. I am in Lyon, when I come back, I will write you!

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