Café de Flore

There is much debate over where to get the best hot chocolate in Paris, but for me there is no competition.

The Café de Flore is synonymous with post-war Paris, and you can just about feel the spirit of 1950’s intellectuals lingering in the salon. It’s an old haunt of Hemingway’s (but honestly, where didn’t he hang out?) and one feels instantly a part of something here.

History aside, the café sits on the sophisticated left bank, along Boulevard Saint-Germain – a prime position for partaking in Paris’ favourite pastime, people-watching. It is also, as you can imagine, on every tourists list, and offers inflated prices to match. I’d advise against eating a meal here – save your euros for some truly special Parisian food and indulge instead in a jug of their delicious chocolat chaud.

I find there is no quicker way to raise my spirits than a half hour spent sitting on the terrasse here, watching the world go by.

Café de Flore image courtesy of DarkB4Dawn on Flickr.
Hemingway image courtesy of con-fu-cion on Flickr.
Cup and saucer image courtesy of gterez on Flickr.
Boulevard St Germain sign image courtesy of danxoneil on Flickr.


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