Reflections on 2012

Most people set their goals around New Year’s, and December is often a time for reflection on what we’ve achieved in the year that has just passed. I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions myself, but I find that whenever I’m on holidays, or taking a long plane trip I can’t help but reflect.

And so, with my much-awaited holiday coming up this week, and amongst the endless to-do lists, to-pack lists and of course, to-buy lists I took a few minutes to think about the year so far.

A lot of my achievements relate to writing, and that’s what I’ve been most proud of this year.

In July, I made the frightening leap into a writing career which turns out to be exactly what I’d hoped it’d be, and more.

I started this blog back in May and have loved sharing my observations about all things French with you.

My first article written for My French Life was published in March and I’ve had 11 articles published since then – examining everything from the French political system to childcare and why French women don’t get fat.

Other achievements inlude planning most of a wedding (with a more than generous serve of help from Max and my Mum) and finally getting around to cleaning out my wardrobe. Whilst it seems like a minor thing, nothing has been more uplifting to my spirit than getting rid of the guilt-inducing hangers filled with clothes I never wear.

Certainly I’d look upon 2012 as a successful year, but it looks nothing like I thought it would. Towards the end of 2011 I envisaged spending my year working and studying – I’d planned to get my HR diploma, my Cert IV in Training and Assessment and pass the DELF B2 language exam. I’d planned to get back into yoga fulltime and finish the first draft of my novel.

But I think that’s okay.

And as I head off overseas on Thursday for several weeks of sun, relaxation and good food no doubt I’ll feel again the urge to plan for the year ahead. So far, I know that I want to write for a food or travel magazine, buy an apartment in Paris and stop dyeing my own hair.

But if there’s one lesson I’m taking from 2012 it’s to not get too caught up in the details, because slowly, (and almost certainly in a roundabout way) I’ll get where I need to go.

See you in three weeks!

New Years Resolution Coasters image courtesy of BazaarBizarreSF on Flickr.
Pool image courtesy on Simon_sees on Flickr.


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