Petit déjeuner à la française

Petit déjeuner in France is quite a lovely affair. With tempting boulangeries on every street corner, croissants and other viennoiseries are an obvious (and delicious) choice.

From the luscious croissant au beurre to the omnipresent pain au chocolat to the downright decadent croissant aux amandes, one thing is for sure – sweet is the national preference around the breakfast table.

Others prefer fresh crusty baguette, slathered in regional honey (like the irresistibly creamy miel de Savoie) or the childhood-favourite nutella. Those without a sweet tooth may choose to simply butter their baguette.

Coffee is a very common boisson with chocolat chaud, du the et jus des fruits also popular choices.

Cereal is usually left for the children, but I happen to know of one or two grown French men who simply can’t get enough of Choca-pic or Lion cereals!

Personally, I believe life is too short to limit myself to just one type of pastry. So perhaps one day I’ll choose  pain aux raisins, the next, des chouquettes. And I’ve even been known to perform what is tantamount to sacrilege in France – spread vegemite on my croissant. C’est pas vrai!

Which is your favourite French pastry to have for breakfast?

Bakery image courtesy of hugovk on Flickr.
Almond croissant image courtesy of roboppy on Flickr.
Pastry on shelves image courtesy of wallyg on Flickr.
Vegemite jar image courtesy of conejoazul on Flickr.


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