Small Kitchen Mentality

If there’s one thing I love about my apartment in Melbourne vs. the apartments I rented in France, it’s the kitchen.

My first ever apartment in Paris featured a kitchen that was oversized, really, at least in relation to the overall floor space. It had a sink, a small bar fridge and two hotplates (which also doubled as the area for drying dishes).

Bench space was non-existent (unless you count the hotplate/ washing up area again) but cupboard storage size was quite astronomical in the context of a studio apartment. Ingeniously cut into the exterior wall of the apartment, my cupboard extended back a good metre, and across another two, with three shelves. And thanks to either a design fault or clever stroke of brilliance (as yet I’m still undecided which) the cupboard hovered constantly around a brisk 4 degrees Celsius. Fresh air entered via a small hole in the back corner, meaning that the tendency to overheat apartments in winter didn’t spoil my food.

But still, without an oven, the cooking of many dishes was out of the question, and a distinct lack of utensils was equally limiting.

So by comparison, here in Melbourne, my four gas hotplates, family-sized fridge, double sink and vast expanse of island bench space seems borderline extravagant.

And though the range of culinary options available is now virtually limitless, I wonder if there isn’t something to be said for small fridges and the mentality that accompanies it.

That is, shopping daily not weekly, embracing simplicity and letting fresh ingredients shine.

What do you think? 

Cosy kitchen image courtesy of doraemon on Flickr.
Julia Child cookbook image courtesy of Pickersgill Reef on Flickr.


2 thoughts on “Small Kitchen Mentality

  1. Although I prefer to have more workspace, I love the idea of smaller fridges. As you mentioned, it forces one to shop more often and therefore the ingredients are fresh and produce a much better dish. BTW…I love your blog! I’ll be tuning in often!

    • Thanks Aly! Agreed – the perfect world would be enough workspace to create amazing food but a small enough fridge to force us to shop fresh daily. Thanks for your kind comments about my blog 🙂

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