Confessions of a Paris-a-holic

I think I might be just a little bit obsessed.

On Sunday night a bout of homesick-for-Paris-ness consumed me. And it manifested in a few not-so-attractive ways. This feeling continued into Monday, and now here we are on Tuesday evening and I’ve just spent the last half hour ‘walking’ through my favourite streets of Paris via google maps.

Yes – the time has come to put a stop to it. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem – so here it is, the confessions of a Paris-a-holic.

My first port of call was to manically google apartments for sale in Paris, then, once I stumbled upon the perfect one, obsessively imagine the intricate details of my life once I lived in afore-mentioned perfect apartment. The chandelier in the bathroom struck me not as odd (it was hardly the square-meterage for a chandelier) but as divine, essential even.

The fact that it was a studio didn’t bother me either, despite the fact that we moved last year out of our 1 bedroom apartment into one with a second bedroom/ study because we wanted more room. Nor did the exorbitant price 485 000 for a 40 square metre apartment make me bat an eyelid (and that’s in euros!) – in that location it was a steal! Not to mention the chandelier in the bathroom (did I mention there was a chandelier in the bathroom??).

Once I’d sorted out where we’d live, I turned my ever-practical head to the next task at hand – finding a job (for even in my fantasy life – I’m no slacker). I also decided to ignore the fact that I’d just recently started a new job, in a new industry that I happen to adore. Nevertheless, there I found myself donning my faux-jobseeker hat (having recently shelved my fake-homeowner cap). A quick trip down memory lane took me to and as I glanced at the ads for babysitters and nannies I chose to slip on my rose-coloured glasses and conveniently forget the times I swore I’d never work with children again.

Apartment and job sorted, I began to imagine how I’d spend my time. Of course, in my new quartier I’d need to establish which café would be mine, where I’d idle away the days writing a best-selling novel. Oh, and I’d need to schedule in some time to check out the markets and suss out where to buy the best cheese.

And while I’m at it, my French wardrobe could use a little updating (read: complete overhaul) so I’d better start making a list. Now what was the name of that shoe store on the corner of rue du Faubourg Montmarte? Which, of course is how I ended up loitering in the alternate-Paris-universe of google maps to begin with.


Paris bridge image courtesy of jeff_c on Flickr.
Chandelier image courtesy of Dallas_Foodie on Flickr.
Paris google maps image courtesy of Abdessamad on Flickr.
Rose coloured glasses image courtesy of drake lelane on Flickr.


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