Rueil Revisited

Last week I published a post on the charming ville of Rueil-Malmaison, and today I’m proud to be able to take you on a photo tour, with very large thanks to Mathieu who was kind enough to take these photos.

First and foremost, bien sur, the famous bread machine. I think I find it such a novelty because in Australia I associate vending machines exclusively with junk food – so to find one with delicious and nutritious contents really has me hooked.

If you find yourself in Rueil and you feel a little weary after all that cobblestone-walking, why not hop on this (admittedly a little touristy) super cute train?

Perhaps stop by the rather regal-looking town hall.

And of course, whether for your morning croissant, midday baguette or to pick up a delicious patisserie for your afternoon gouter – the only bakery you need to know in Rueil – Au Pain du Cardinal, complete with a line out the door, so you know it’s good!


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