The Dessert Dilemma Part 2

One of the indisputable perks of being in a relationship is the unwritten rule about sharing your food.  And indeed, for Max and I, this works well for entrée and main dishes.  But when it comes to dessert it’s every man for himself.

Now I truly believe that one of the greatest triumphs of French cuisine can be found in the wondrous invention of un café gourmand.  This ingenious idea created by I-don’t-know-who (but I send all my thanks out to you, whoever you are) solves all my dessert worries in one fell swoop.

A café gourmand is effectively a tasting plate with 3-4 of the establishments dessert choices attractively presented in miniature.  Oh, and as the name implies, it is accompanied by a shot of espresso.  Not being a big coffee drinker, I always considered it to be collateral damage, and more often than not could find someone willing to drink it on my behalf.

Rarer than the café gourmand is the assiette gourmand, which I must say, was created with me in mind.  Fairly self-explanatory, it is a café gourmand, but without the coffee. C’est parfait!


Café gourmand image #1 courtesy of Hotels Paris Rive Gauche on Flickr.
Café gourmand image #2 courtesy of etnobofin on Flickr. 


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