The Dessert Dilemma Part 1

I am hopelessly indecisive (or am I?).  Casual Friday reared its head again yesterday, and sent me into what is now a familiar panic.  Jeans or leggings? (In this moment, it suddenly dawns on me where the creators of jeggings got their idea, and that I was, sadly, perhaps their target market.)  Chunky jumper or lots of layers?

But my indecisiveness with clothes pales in comparison to the trouble I have when it comes to a dessert menu.

I’ve always had a sweet tooth, and consider the evening meal incomplete without a morsel, no matter how small, of sucrerie.  If given a choice, in a restaurant I’d always elect to skip the main course and simply go for an entrée and a dessert.

My taste for sweet things is greatly varied, with chocolat a perennial favourite, but not always the frontrunner (though admittedly a strong contender when appearing in mousse form).

Ice cream is a particular weakness of mine, and as you know, so is anything made of caramel.

At the feast-for-the-senses Grande Epicerie on the Rue des Sevres in Paris, I can’t go past a delectably tart and devilishly sweet tarte au citron.

If I’m walking by Ladurée, bien sûr I’ll have a macaron (or three, mainly for the visual pleasure afforded by the gorgeous pastel green box).

And, when my mood calls for it, a well-made and not too sweet panna cotta can be just perfect.

Now I’ll admit, the moelleux au chocolat avec son coeur fondant au caramel at Les Deux Moulins (home to Amelie Poulain) comes tantalisingly close to being the perfect dessert.  Especially when accompanied by a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

But what happens when you want just un peu of everything?

To be continued…


Indecision image courtesy of: KRISnFRED on Flickr.
Chocolate mousse image courtesy of Mr & Mrs Stickyfingers on Flickr.
Tarte au citron image courtesy of dan taylor on Flickr.
Macaron box image courtesy of abakedcreation on Flickr. 


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