Not all camemberts are created equal

This is the first of what I’m sure will be many posts about one of my all time favourite subjects: French cheese.

In Australia I find little difference between the tastes of brie and camembert.  In fact, I grew up thinking they were identical.  Both varieties look the same, smell the same, and largely taste the same.  Whereas in France brie is usually sold by the slice, in Australia both varieties are sold in perfectly white, individual wheels of varying sizes.

But since living in France I’ve discovered that not all camemberts are created equal.

My go-to cheese for a French picnic is always camembert.  I love the strong taste and I much prefer it to its milder cousin, brie.  I also love that for just a couple of euros you can buy a substantial wheel of Le Rustique and get the added bonus of the cute red and white chequered cloth and round wooden box that just feels oh-so-French.

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious than the commercially produced Rustique, my personal favourite is a heady camembert au calvados.  You should find this variety at any specialist fromagerie.

A word to the wise here, I recommend eating this cheese all in one go, as it does have the tendency to bathe the entire contents of your frigo in its rather pungent (though delicious) aroma.

Bon appétit!


Le Rustique image courtesy of Cremo on Flickr


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