Un week-end à Nantes Part 4

Max’s taste in desserts can be summed up in a word: chocolate.  Just by glancing at la carte in any given bistro I can confidently ascertain what his order will be.  However, if there is more than one choice of the chocolate persuasion (quelle dilemma!) profiteroles win hands down.

I’m a little harder to predict, for whilst I enjoy chocolate, I frequently deviate from this course to sample a tarte au citron, or perhaps a soufflé, or even a scoop or two of glace maison.  But there is one phrase that I can’t possible resist – caramel au beurre salé.

On this particular après-midi both of us were in for a treat, as the dessert menu held an option that made us both a little giddy.  That is, the choice between profiteroles au chocolat and profiteroles au caramel beurre salé.

Given the price (it’d be more expensive, frankly, not to order them); I naively assumed we’d receive one, maybe two small puffs of choux pastry with a little caramel or chocolate sauce over the top.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I looked on in what can only be described as disbelief as three caramel boulders were set down before me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am good at eating dessert.  But given the rather heavy plat et fromage I’d just polished off, these sugary mountains seemed, if you’ll pardon the pun, insurmountable.

I managed to finish just one profiterole, whilst Max devoured all three of his.

Both the best and worst part of the day came when we settled back into the car after lunch.  The best for me as I was able to enjoy a nice long doze all the way back to Paris and worst for Max – who had to simultaneously drive and digest – no easy feat!


Profiteroles image courtesy of avlxyz on Flickr.
Caramel image courtesy of manusmenu on Flickr.


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