Un week-end à Nantes Part 3

La Baule is a seaside village charmant just one hour west of Nantes.  Our trip fell just before the start of winter, so whilst it wasn’t exactly the time of year for visiting the beach, it was perfect season for eating mussels.

We wandered through town, checking out the various restaurants on offer, looking for just the right place to relax and while away the afternoon.  After rejecting a number of places as being ‘too snobby’ or ‘très touristique’ (indeed by the seaside, one does run this risk), we settled upon a delightfully modern eatery just a stone’s throw from the water’s edge.

As contemporary and sleek as can be, our lunch location was the polar opposite of the opulent old-world glamour of last night’s dinner.

We settled into a cosy corner and ordered two delicious steaming tureens of moules frites, with a beer for Max, and a glass of rosé for me.

After soaking up the last of the delicious white wine sauce with crusty baguette we opted to share a mouth-watering cheese plate.

Sensible people might have stopped there (or indeed, after the mussels), but not us.  Keep in mind this was Gros-vembre and we had been in training for this very moment for quite some time.

To be continued…


Moules-frites image courtesy of Elton Lin on Flickr.


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