Un week-end à Nantes Part 2

Our dinner destination was the distinguished La Cigale brasserie, right around the corner from our hotel in the Place Graslin.

Stepping through the heavy, gilt-edged front doors was like taking a giant leap back in time.  The heavy wood furnishings and fin-du-siècle decor inside the warm dining room whispered of eras gone by.

In Paris, I would have found this setting quite daunting, and awaited l’addition with some trepidation.  Not so in Nantes, however, where Max and I enjoyed a sumptuous 3 course meal, complete with aperitif  and a bottle of wine for less than 90 euros.

We then set off on rather a laughable search for an after dinner drink.  But luck was not on our side as nearly every neighbourhood bar that Max remembered from his university days had turned into either a takeaway kebab store or a Mezzo di Pasta.  Finally, admitting defeat we returned to the hotel and had a nightcap there instead.

The lendemain we rose early and decided to enjoy our petit-dej au café.  Well rested and with some delicious pastries and fresh juice and chocolat chaud in our stomachs, we set off on our next destination; the seaside town of La Baule.

To be continued…


Interior of La Cigale brasserie image courtesy of El próximo viaje / Victoriamdq on Flickr.
Mezzo di Pasta logo image ocurtesy of Dernier Exile on Flickr.


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