Un week-end à Nantes Part 1

The first weekend trip away from Paris that Max and I took was to the western city of Nantes where Max attended engineering school.  We set off early from Paris as it takes a little over four hours by car.  This is when I first revealed my talent for being able to sleep, soundly, for long periods of time on car trips.  I can’t say Max was particularly impressed when we arrived, me very well-rested and him, suffering from the early start and solid morning’s driving.

After navigating a few misleading road signs, we checked into the rather regally appointed Hôtel de France.  

Our first order of business was to explore the local markets, hindered ever so slightly by some spectacular rain, typical of the region.

Needless to say our sightseeing jaunt was cut short by the downpour and our grumbling tummies, so off to lunch we went.

After a satisfying if unremarkable lunch we continued on our way, checking out Nantes famous bar/ attraction La Maison Café.  The novelty of this bar is that it has been sectioned off into different rooms of a house.  One can sip a cocktail in the cuisine or enjoy a beer in the bathroom – or indeed, in the bath itself, if one prefers.

After a morning full of activity (eating, drinking, and sighing about the rain) we headed back to our hotel for a well earned sieste before getting dressed up for a night out on the town.

To be continued…


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