Guilty Pleasures in Paris

There a few things that I enjoy as much as I enjoy crêpes. 

These deliciously decadent and deceptively light pockets of heaven are a far cry from the shake-and-mix powdery pancakes of my childhood.  For me, one of the greatest (not to mention cheapest) pleasures in Paris can be found in the many crêpe stands that dot the boulevards and side streets, where for little more than 3 euros you can eat like a king – and still keep your head.

It is my firm opinion that not all crêpe stands are created equal.  I generally look for the smallest stand you can find (bonus points for a handwritten sign), preferably not in sight of the Eiffel Tower or similar.

If the stack of crêpes standing ready to go tempts your hungry tummy, I advise you, think again. Walk the extra few minutes to one where the vendor pours the mixture fresh onto the hot plate in front of you, expertly spreads it, evenly flips it and sloughs on huge dollops of nutella.

Et voila!

Image of nutella crepes courtesy of valde_ on Flickr.
Image of man making crepes courtesy of redking on Flickr.


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