Dinner for two

I was browsing through my notebooks the other day and came across the menu from our first Christmas together.  We spent the holiday at Max’s parents place in the north of France, but held a small pre-Christmas celebration chez moi a few days before.


Canapés et Champagne
Tranche baguette et rillettes (bonnes) et cornichons
Mini blinis avec tartare concombre, ciboulette, saumon et échalote

Bruschettas (recette de Loulou)

Vin de Raphael

Tagliatelle et magret de canard, sauce forestière

Reste tartare et la perle rare

Profiteroles aux chocolat


As you can see our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs and we had to cancel two courses.

I remember this time well, as I’d been feeling incredibly homesick all week.  This night in particular I had just returned home from a long day at work, and my overcrowded metro had stopped in between stations for nearly twenty minutes.

I’m a touch claustrophobic and it was a scene right out of my worst nightmare.

So, I arrived home to my apartment, cold, tired and ready to eat the first thing I laid eyes on and found this delicious apéro waiting for me!

Those first calming sips of champagne, combined with the tantalising smell of duck coming from my alcove kitchen and all my worries just melted away…


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